Absolut in a box?


‘Ecohols’: would you buy this product?

Would you buy your Absolut in a carton? How important is that bottle to the brand experience, to the perceived value of the product? Should it be about the brand and the contents of the product? It’s…



Brands: Gucci’s Green Eyewear Collab

Can we indulge in life’s little luxuries and toe a greener line? Gucci is making a go of it, teaming up with eyewear producer Safilo for an August launch of four sustainable models of innovative acetate sunglasses.…

Whole Foods


Brands: Whole Foods 1st to Rate Cleaners

Whole Foods Market will be the first retailer in the nation to have a tiered rating system for the household cleaning products it sells. The color-coded Eco-Scale Rating System will rank products – red, orange, yellow or…



Design: Van Alen Books

The world seems to be moving away from books, but Van Alen Books is making a statement. Not only does the new bookstore boast interesting green design elements (recycled doors turned into shelf space, benches, staircases…

Wind-Powered Cargo Ship


Wind-Powered Cargo Ships

It’s been more than a century since large industrial ships relied on wind power to cross the seas. German manufacturer SkySails is hoping to convince more shipping companies to rediscover the power of wind. It’s towing kite…



Brands: Levi’s Commuter Cycling Series

We’ve profiled some impressive initiatives from Levi’s, from their “water-saving jeans” to adding tags that encourage customers to donate used Levi’s to the goodwill. Their latest move is a bike friendly line of…