Rome native Kristin Kimball stands on her farm in Essex, N.Y.


Design Sponge’s “eco winter reads”

Design Sponge's Ashley English offers her picks for "a top-10 list of eco reads for whiling away the dark days of winter." Included on the list is The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball (pictured here), who joined us at last week's Hug Your Farmer benefit for Pete's Greens. We loved this book, and we love Ashley's list.



Unexpected by Patagonia

Unexpected: Thirty Years of Patagonia Catalog Photography compiles over 100 photos from Patagonia’s beloved catalog – which receives over 60,000 photo submissions annually, from both famous and amateur photogs. A great pick-up for yourself or…


Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From

In a recent TED presentation, Steven Johnson examines “where good ideas come from,” which happens also to be the name of his new book on the ‘natural history of innovation.’ The ideal environment for a…



Rob Walker had an excellent installment of his Consumed column for the New York Times Magazine yesterday on collective buying power strategies in regard to solar. Rob’s blog and book, Buying



LTT Opinion: Diversity of Thought Key To Innovation

In his recent column, Nicholas Kristof asks whether the Web, flooded with information and ideas as it is, can actually trigger new ways of thinking or whether it will only serve as a…



SF Chronicle: The Death Of ‘Environmentalism’?

Four years ago, Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger argued “that global warming was an unprecedented ecological challenge that would lead to the death of environmentalism.” That proposition sparked a heated debate, with many eco-activists…