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Shadow eBike

Daymark’s Wireless Shadow eBike

It was the snowiest February on record around here, and there’s more on the way. But spring isn’t far off, and we’re already gearing up for bike season. We’ve done a number of

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Places: Sun Moon Lake’s Green-Roofed Visitor Center

During one of our trips to Taiwan last year, a few of us were lucky enough to explore some of the country's rural beauty, including a bike ride with the Rabobank Pro Team around Sun Moon Lake. It's Taiwan's largest lake and one of its most alluring attractions, and it now also boasts an award-winning green-roofed visitor center.

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sideways bike

SideWaysBike puts a new spin on the morning commute

While this may not qualify as a game-changing innovation, the SidewaysBike is as good a way to start the week as any. The quirky invention- watch some videos here- from Irish cyclist/tinkerer Michael Killian…

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LTT x Taiwan: Riding With Giant

Luckily our friends at Giant HQ in Taichung were up for a ride around Sun Moon Lake last week – we just didn’t know that Rabobank Pro Team would be joining us, support…

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Design: Bicycle Wind Turbines

We’re fascinated with products that capture energy that would otherwise be lost yet don’t require any changes to how we use or consume them. We’ve covered a few examples -smart showers that harnesses waste heat from shower…

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The Copenhagen Wheel: magic hubcap for any bicycle

In our last post, we described Graham Hill’s ThinBike as one fewer excuse not to ride a bicycle. The sleek design, which allows the handlebars to twist and lock sideways and the pedals to fold down, makes the bike…

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