‘Ecohols’: would you buy this product?

Would you buy your Absolut in a carton? How important is that bottle to the brand experience, to the perceived value of the product? Should it be about the brand and the contents of the product? It’s an interesting set of questions raised by a designer in Germany who is repackaging major spirit brands to see if people’s product decisions would be affected by replacing their signature glass bottles with Tetra Paks. The resulting series is called ‘Ecohols’, which includes Jack Daniels, Absolut Vodka and Jägermeister packaged in ordinary beverage cartons.

We can’t see ‘Ecohols’ being the solution, as brands rely too much on packaging to differentiate themselves from one another, and consumers rely equally on packaging cues to justify price points and inform their experience. But what if Absolut and others offered ‘refills?’ Buy the signature glass bottle, but buy the tetra pak to refill your supply. It works in other industries (see Method homecare products), could it work in higher end consumer products?

via PSFK: http://www.psfk.com/2011/07/ecohols-reimagining-alcohol-brand-packaging-with-tetra-paks.html#ixzz1Tmzrb0fD

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