Places: World’s First Solar Powered Town?

Last fall, we added a 40kW solar installation on our roof, with the idea that we could power all the computers, monitors and printers in our building with renewable energy. So it’s with considerable interest- and appreciation- that we read about a town in England that has set itself the goal of becoming the world’s first solar powered town. Wadebridge, a town of 10,000 people North Cornwall, aims to meet at least one-third of its energy needs by solar energy by generating 1 MW of solar power by 2012 and 7 MW by 2015. It has formed a Renewable Energy co-operative that will provide free solar panels to any member to install on his roof or property. The electricity produced from these panels will be used by the member and the “feed-in-tariff” that the electricity company pays will go to the Co-operative for recovery of the initial costs.

[Source:  Edie via EcoFriend]


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