Volvo Ranked Top Sustainable Automaker…sort of

We like to read up on- but don’t always write about- the latest concept cars, the super-performing hybrids and the oddball inventions. In general, though, those cars are either out of our price range, not yet in play or require a team of PhD students to build one for you. It’s worth noting which cars that are actually on the road are helping us move the needle towards ‘better.’ With that in mind, we tip our hat to Volvo, which was recently named the top automaker in the 2011 Sustainable Brands survey.

Though perception often equals reality, we should also point out that ‘The Sustainable Brand survey’ is based, in part, on consumer perception of how companies are doing with regards to social responsibility and environmental performance. We should also point out that the study is based on 3,000 Swedish consumers surveyed. We’ll let that bias slide, because, as one industry source explains, “Volvo’s lineup of DRIVe models include some of the cleanest, most fuel-efficient vehicles in the world.”

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