Hug Your Farmer: The Real Cost of Better Foods

In the United States, we spend about 9% of our disposable income on our food. Thirty years ago that number was 15%, and seventy years ago that number was more than 25%. Industrial farming and massive distribution networks have lowered the cost of foods, but, as Tom Stearns explains in part 2 (above), cheaper foods have come at a cost- to our planet, to our individual health, to our healthcare system, to our connection to our local communities.

“People always talk about how much more expensive organic food is,” Tom Stearns explains, “and my comment to that is always ‘More expensive than what? More expensive than the crap you could buy? More expensive than cleaning up an oil spill that is required if your entire food system is based on oil? More expensive than trying to mitigate climate change after the fact? More expensive than the healthcare costs associated with eating bad food?’ It’s cheap!”

This OneDegreeTV webisode is part 2 of 3 of our visit with High Mowing Seeds.

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