Magic Hat’s Beer Into Energy

We’ve been following the trends of green innovation in the beer industry- actually quite an active landscape. Examples abound, from reducing pre and post consumer waste, generating biogas from landfills, turning waste beer into ethanol and more. Vermont’s own Magic Hat, and one of our favorites, has jumped into the conversation, using a newly developed process of extracting power from brewery waste, including used hops, barley and yeast, to create natural gas that can power the brewery itself. Eric Fitch, an MIT graduate and CEO of PurposeEnergy, developed the biphase orbicular bioreactor which produces 200 cubic feet of biogas per minute. Since Magic Hat installed the 42-foot tall anaerobic methane digester last summer, the brewery has cut $2 off the cost of each barrel brewed. Great beer doing good things.

[Source: The Boston Globe]

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