WindMade Product Labels

We’ve come to rely on certain symbols to know which products are made responsibly. The recycling arrows, CFC-free, not tested on animals, USDA Organic, Fair Trade, as this video suggests, these labels help us choose between things we want and don’t want. Will “WindMade” be the next to change the way we think about the products we buy? is offering what they say is the first global consumer label to display which corporations and products utilize wind energy.

Companies hoping to attain the label will have to undergo a certification process that entails the verification of how much wind energy they use. is betting companies will see that “one of the most important ingredients in a product is the energy used to produce it.”

Ditlev Engel, CEO/President for Vestas Wind Systems and one of the leaders of the WindMade initiative, explains,

“We want to build a bridge between consumers and companies committed to clean energy, and give consumers the option to choose more sustainable products.”

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