Front Desk? We have a problem.

This weekend, Love Tomorrow Today will participate in TEDxTaipei, which focuses on a broad subject close to our hearts: big hopes for tomorrow. As avid TED fans, we’re thrilled to contribute to the conversation ourselves. In addition to a presentation, we’re building an exhibit in which we explore the “hotel room of tomorrow.” We’ll share our ideas and concepts in upcoming posts, but first we wanted to look at what’s wrong with hotels of today. This is our “Front Desk? We have a problem” post.

Bars of soap? How many times do you use your bar of soap before it’s replaced by housekeeping? During a stay of several nights, you may go through several months worth of soap. Some of the more forward-thinking hotels have caught on, but soap dispensers are still the exception, not the rule.

Disposable room keys? Paper receipts slid under your door in the morning? Copies of the USA Today littering the hallways? If you have some others- the list is long- feel free to share. And stay tuned for our concepts for the “hotel room of tomorrow.”

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