Inspiration: Laurent Laveder’s ‘Moon Games’

VPR‘s Jane Lindholm turned us on to these¬†images from Laurent Laveder, featured on the NPR blog ‘The Picture Show.’ Laveder, a landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist, has provided images…



SF Bans The Happy Meal Toy?

Stalinist plot to deprive kids of the perks of eating fast food? Or a sensible move to minimize dust-collecting landfill fodder? The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to ban toy giveaways in meals…



LTT Opinion: Winds of Change Or Slight Breeze?

The U.S. wind power industry just posted its slowest quarter since 2007. Year-to-date installations were down 72% versus the same period last year. A renewable power mandate from Congress- which would require power utilities to…

sideways bike


SideWaysBike puts a new spin on the morning commute

While this may not qualify as a game-changing innovation, the SidewaysBike is as good a way to start the week as any. The quirky invention- watch some videos here- from Irish cyclist/tinkerer Michael Killian…


LTT x Taiwan: Pizza Cut Five

Pizza Cut Five is one of Taiwan’s biggest streetwear brands, and also designed rooms at Taipei’s City Inn Plus. For the opening party, they outfitted their signature bear with an LTT blazer. More fun to come in 2011.



LTT x Taiwan: Riding With Giant

Luckily our friends at Giant HQ in Taichung were up for a ride around Sun Moon Lake last week – we just didn’t know that Rabobank Pro Team would be joining us, support…