Ski Film With Perspective

For several years now, the spectre of global climate change has hung over the ski industry. In 2006, Colorado College produced a study that predicted that by 2050 the Rocky Mountain resorts would be facing springtime snowpack…


OneDegreeTV: Hug Your Farmer!

Everyday, we make decisions about the foods we eat. But where does that food come from? Who grows it? What goes into it? Really for the first time in history, it’s a question that’s difficult for most people to answer.…

Ursa Major


Brand Spotlight: Ursa Major

In our One DegreeTV piece Essential Oils vs Mainstream Synthetics, Lunaroma’s Leila Bringas explains how chemical-intensive products are not only confusing our senses but also posing health risks. We’re happy to…



Brands: Levi Strauss’s Water-saving Jeans

Comfort comes at a price. A typical pair of jeans, for example, is washed up to ten times to give it its ‘broken in’ appearance and feel. That’s roughly 42 liters of water per pair…



When Holiday Rituals Need Tweaking

Holidays are, by their nature, not great…for nature. It’s a time for travel, consuming more than we do otherwise and celebrating traditions that mostly originated before a modern eco-aesthetic. And we love them! But can we tweak…



VT Made – PowderJet Snowboards

“Hand built in the backwoods of Vermont…” PowderJet boards are constructed using only locally sourced, sustainably harvested woods, and non-toxic adhesives. Also, no metal edges, keeping the focus on powder. Sounds good to us.