Top 10 Words of 2010

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means we’re starting to see annual Top 10 lists. One of our favorites is LiveScience’s Top 10 Words. Coming in at number 10, “simplexity” centers on the notion that simple-seeming things…


LTT & The ‘City Inn Plus’ Hotel Project
Taipei, Taiwan

LTT & The ‘Taipei City Inn Plus’ Project from lovetomorrowtoday on Vimeo. In Taiwan, development usually means tearing down a building and putting up something new, not repurposing an old one. So, when we were approached to…


The Majestic Plastic Bag: Mockumentary

It remains the classic ‘one degree change:’ not using a plastic bag. And because it’s a frequent subject on blogs such as this, any mention of ‘plastic bags’ can make the eyes glaze over a bit. Thankfully, Jeremy Irons and…



Lose Saturday Mail Delivery

With the President’s National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform looking for ways to cut spending and eliminate waste, we thought we’d weigh in and revisit an LTT suggestion from earlier this year. Let’s cut Saturday mail…


Unexpected by Patagonia

Unexpected: Thirty Years of Patagonia Catalog Photography compiles over 100 photos from Patagonia’s beloved catalog – which receives over 60,000 photo submissions annually, from both famous and amateur photogs. A great pick-up for yourself or…



Stackable CityCars

A tip of the hat to the late William J. Mitchell, who until his death in June of this year directed Media Lab‘s Smart Cities Group at MIT. One of his ideas, the…