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Nike’s Environmental Apparel Design Tool

Based on their Considered Design Index, Nike recently released an open source version of their Environmental Apparel Design Tool to promote collaboration amongst designers and manufacturers, as well as to encourage broader adoption of sustainability…


LTT Gift Guide: Orvis Pocketknife

Not bamboo, or recycled, just made in the USA by a 150 year-old company that donates 5% of pre-tax profits to conservation efforts nationwide. Pass it on to your grand kids. Get one here.

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Renting Your Christmas Tree

There are a lot of ideas out there for ‘greening your holiday traditions.’ Some of them (“don’t travel to see your family”, “don’t buy any stuff”, etc…) aren’t likely to catch on. Then there are the ideas…

Shopping Cart Tree


Shopping Cart Christmas Tree

File this under ‘a new spin on an old classic.’ Artist Anthony Schmitt has created a 33-foot-tall holiday tree by stacking old shopping carts. The Christmas Tree is made out of mostly full size carts,…



Speed Camera Lottery

How about winning the lottery for driving the speed limit? That’s the winning idea of Volkswagen’s campaign “The Fun Theory,” which is “dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest…



LTT Gift Guide: GSI Outdoors Glacier Nesting Wine Glass

GSI makes great camping gear, but I think they’re the only outdoor goods people who have a “Partyware” section. The Glacier Glass is perfect for the car camper on your list.