Rainbows On Command

And now for something on the lighter side. Rainbows. 2010 has been a good year for rainbows (if you haven’t seen this video about double rainbows, then…welcome back from Mars). But thanks to…

chicks in barrels


400K Chicks Killed After Farms Goes Bust

This post is not for the fair of heart. We think Mark Fasching (Jericho Settlers Farm) makes a compelling case for locally-sourced foods in our OneDegreeTV piece Hug Your



Self-sterilizing Door Handle

We’re officially into flu season, and avoiding the dreaded cold can become a full-time preoccupation. Never more so than grabbing a door handle in a public building. So we were glad to see a Red Dot Design

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LTT Gift Guide: Darn Tough Socks

Looking for a good stocking stuffer this year? Earlier this year, we reposted an interesting piece in the Burlington Free Press on  Cabot Hosiery Mills, makers of Darn Tough socks. The…



Take The Bus, Get a Block Party

Tom Petty said it best, the wait IS the hardest part. He may not have been talking about sitting at a bus stop, but the wait is a turn off for some would-be bus…

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LTT Gift Guide: Ursa Major’s Stellar Shave Cream

File this one under “For Him.” Ursa Major is a new men’s skin care brand from Vermont getting a lot of buzz. Their first product – Stellar Shave Cream – is 99% natural, free of sulfates, as well…