LTT Picks 2010: Electronic Milk Jug

Our last post of 2010 takes us back to another basic concept that inspires, the hi-tech milk jug from UK dairy giant Cravendale. How often have you peered into your milk jug suspiciously and wondered if it’s still safe to drink? Does it smell funky? Hard to tell, so odds are you’ll just throw it out and not risk it. Designer Oliver Newberry has designed one that measures the PH balance of the milk to help determine whether the milk is still fresh enough to drink.

The jug links the PH sensor to an LCD screen that reveals whether it’s ‘Fresh’ or ‘Sour.’ An alarm will also alert you when the milk is off. According to Cravendale, Brits throw away 369,000 tons of milk each year, that’s £250 million worth, “mostly because we are uncertain if it’s okay to use.”

Here in the United States, we throw out an estimated 16 billion pounds of milk each year. This little milk jug could put a significant dent in that large scale waste. And it’s better than the sniff test. And a lot better than the taste test.

[Sources: Second HarvestPSFKNewsliteCravendale ]

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