Brands: Levi Strauss’s Water-saving Jeans

Comfort comes at a price. A typical pair of jeans, for example, is washed up to ten times to give it its ‘broken in’ appearance and feel. That’s roughly 42 liters of water per pair during the finishing process alone. Levi Strauss, the first company to manufacture blue jeans, is introducing a new technique that reduces water use by as much as 96% but still offers that ‘washed-down’ effect. The SF-based company’s new Water<Less jeans will include more than a dozen products- including the iconic 501s- and , with the more than 1.5 million pairs to be released starting in January 2011, will add up to a combined savings of 16 million liters of water.

The process, among other innovations, combines the multiple wash cycles into a single wet-cycle process. According to Carl Chiara, director of brand concepts at Levi’s,“What’s different about the Water<Less collection is that we’re still using the same materials and techniques to create finishes for our jeans but we’ve substantially reduced water’s role in the equation. Sometimes, the way to achieve a more sustainable design is to rethink a traditional process and find a way to do it better.”

The company has plans to introduce the water-savings technique to a broader range of products by fall 2011.

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