SideWaysBike puts a new spin on the morning commute

While this may not qualify as a game-changing innovation, the SidewaysBike is as good a way to start the week as any. The quirky invention- watch some videos here- from Irish cyclist/tinkerer Michael Killian is a two wheel steering bicycle with independently steerable wheels that travels sideways. As Killian explains, “this steering arrangement affords a unique and distinct motion that is both entertaining and graceful; much like the motion of a snowboard.”

In our hotel design project- watch our OneDegreeTV webisode here- one of the themes we explored was cycling, riding for leisure versus transportation. In this country, we do both, but in places like Taipei a bicycle usually takes on a more practical significance. The SidewaysBike is hardly practical, but the morning ride to work just got more interesting.

[Sources: SidewaysBike, PSFK]

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