Awareness! app reconnects

When we talk about this concept of ‘pace, space and interface’- an awareness of our pace of life and the places, people and products that help shape our daily choices- there’s one factor we don’t often consider: noise. Sounds, good and bad, significantly impact how we experience life. Try watching a horror movie on mute sometime. And sounds keep us connected to our own distinct surroundings in ways few other things can. But in the age of iPod headphones- those ubiquitous white earbuds- many of us have chosen isolation and disconnection. The Awareness! app for iPhone and iPod could help reconnect us. The app measures environmental noise levels and allows users to listen to music and the outside world simultaneously. So, even if you lose yourself in that playlist, with the Awareness! app you’ll be able to hear the honk of that approaching bus.

The app is available at the iTunes store for $4.99.

[Source: Engadget via PSFK]

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