Who’d want to drive a D+?

Better living starts with “better know how.” That is, you have to know how and why to make those one degree changes. That’s why we like the EPA and Department of Transportation proposal this week to overhaul fuel…



Reading between the lines: E-Reader vs Paper Book?

Every so often, the e-media vs. paper-media debate flares up again. We’ve covered it a few times on this blog, including a One Degree TV clip of our conversation with Brad Robertson of GannettLocal.…



Damn that traffic jam!
China’s 62-Mile Long Traffic Jam

We spotted this post from PopSci: You may not have heard about it during your local traffic report this weekend, but anyone negotiating the Beijing-Tibet expressway in recent days is painfully aware of the problem: a 62-mile jam



Brands: Proctor & Gamble’s sustainable packaging

In the late 1980′s, Kelly LeBrock starred in a series of Pantene print and television ads* with the slogan, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” We didn’t. And now Proctor & Gamble, which makes Pantene, could run with “Don’t…


Plastic Bag Ban in California?

Yesterday’s post sparked some interesting emails. The post- on Cleveland’s plan to monitor how much its residents recycle and to fine those who do not- raises the question ‘should government force people to go green?’ We’ve examined…



Cleveland’s recycling plans: ‘neighborly nudge’ or ‘big brother’

Starting next year, the city of Cleveland will introduce a $2.5 million hi-tech recycling monitoring system that has residents divided. Is it an example of forward-thinking city governance, nudging residents towards habits that serve the greater good? Or…