Bike Chain Wall Clock

Ahhh, July 4th weekend. If you’re lucky, you avoided traffic, ate an entire watermelon, didn’t blow a finger off lighting a bottle rocket and- if you’re really lucky- didn’t have to look at your watch once. For most people, having a vague sense of the time- as in, “I think it’s roughly 11-ish”- is directly linked to feeling relaxed. Here’s an interesting design, from Andreas Dober, that manages to capture that “approximate time,” while blending a mechanical art aesthetic with a spirit of sustainability.

The Catena Wall Clock is literally upcycling. A vertical bicycle chain, attached with brass numbers, rotates in a clockwise direction. At the top of every hour, the time appears at the zenith of the rotation. As the picture shows, you’ll know when it’s “roughly 11-ish.”

The only drawback to the Catena- which, incidentally, gets its name from the Latin word for “chain”- is the price tag. This clock can be yours for a cool $2300.

[Source: Spot Cool StuffUnica Home]

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