LTT Opinion: We Need To Sell It Better

The fact is that we need to be better at selling “better.” Beyond green tech, green products, green causes, green politics, we need to sell a more considered life. Studies show, overwhelmingly, that when we as consumers know more…



Guerilla Gardening Takes Root

According to the United Nations, more than half the world’s population lives in cities, but increasingly urbanization doesn’t necessarily mean a complete break from those rural sensibilities. From rooftop and balcony gardens to urban apiaries, people are…


Greener Footsteps…Literally

Inspired by a ‘living art’ exhibit at the Beijing Games, ad agency DDB China Group recently took over a city crosswalk and placed a large canvas featuring a leafless tree on the road to illustrate a point: walking…



Levi Strauss Launches ‘Care Air Design Challenge’

Last year we covered an initiative from Levi Strauss & Co. to encourage its consumers to “donate to Goodwill,” rather than simply discard used clothing. In partnering with Goodwill, Levi’s was the first major…



Can Shoe Power heel climate change?

Heel? Anyone? We love the concept of capturing the kinetic energy of our daily movements. We, of course, champion bold action and support anyone who educates, innovates and incubates ideas of sustainability.  But sometimes the ‘ask’ is…

OneDegreeTV: Carbon Offsets For Idiots

Carbon Offsets With Brighter Planet from lovetomorrowtoday on Vimeo. Back with more One Degree TV, our series of webisodes that focuses on green innovation and simple change. We’re highlighting the efforts of companies and individuals moving the…