UK Supermarket to keep bees

Last year we wrote about UK supermarket Sainsbury’s, after it’s Gloucester location became the first to install “kinetic road plates” in its parking lot. The plates capture the energy of each car that enters and exits the parking lot, harnessing about 30 kWh each hour, enough to power its checkouts. Now Sainsbury’s is set for another first, as it prepares to become the first UK supermarket to keep bees, with plans to install eight ‘bee hotels’ on land around their new eco-store in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

Sainsbury’s beekeeping efforts are aimed at helping to improve crop pollination in the area, one of Britain’s main fruit and vegatable growing regions. As Sainsbury’s Environment Manager, Jack Cunningham explains, “The rapid decline in bee population has had a severe impact upon the productivity of British crops, so we have decided to take practical steps to help.” The supermarket has no plans to collect honey from the bees, just facilitate pollination of local crops, gardens and wildflowers.

Sources: Springwise, Treehugger , Sainsbury’s]

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