Some Solar Energy Companies Are Thinking About Tomorrow

We’re excited to see solar energy becoming cheaper and more efficient. But we still have a long way to go before every Tom, Dick and Harriet is putting solar panels on their roof tops. Recent estimates suggest that…



What’s Not Worth Conserving?

The penny just got a face lift, apparently. The question is why. Do we really need a new look for the penny? Do we need the penny at all? In 2008, we dug into this issue,…



Message In A Bottle, or 12,000

Peter DaSilva for The New York Times Last March, we did a post on David de Rothschild’s ambitious plans to sail a boat made entirely of plastic bottles from San Francisco to Sydney Australia.…



New Guilt-Free Plastics & Composting

Composting could be the next frontier in urban responsibility. No longer confined to hippy communes and country farms, composting could be a 21st century city thing. San Francisco, for example, has gone so far as to make it


Making Boston More Bike-Friendly

For all Boston’s great qualities- rich with historical treasures from Faneuil hall to Fenway- it has to be the worst city to drive in. Even my Garmin GPS moans as we drive east on the Mass turnpike. As the…


Green Mountain Coffee and Ashoka’s Changemakers Launch “Revelation to Action” Competition

Green Mountain Coffee is one our favorite examples of a company who’s success is shaped by a commitment to responsible choices. Free trade is just the beginning, as the company works to “brew a better world,” with a…