American Apparel’s New (Green) Nail Polish

American Apparel has become a leader in its industry, offering made-in-America product and an impressive array of trend-setting organic cotton clothes. But as Cara Smusiak writes for Naturally Savvy, “aside from their locally-made goods,…


Tomorrow’s Tech Today: iPad, Light Touch

Now that Apple has unveiled it’s iPad- a name that has already inspired no shortage of ridicule- the long wait for the “game-changing e-reader” is over. We’re wondering where the next breakthrough will come. Perhaps in…


Timberland’s CSR- innovation & open conversation

Timberland‘s Earthkeepers initiative is one of our favorite examples of corporate social responsibility. The NH-based boot maker begins with a simple premise; they love the outdoors, but they also make their living catering to those…



Shamrock Green Cup

Innovative design meets sustainable thinking. The Shamrock Green Cup is an origami-inspired answer to the service industry’s reliance on two-piece drink cups which use non-biodegradable plastic lids. They may have seen our video of our origami-inspired…


Darn Tough: an old idea in a new economy

We tend to focus on new ideas and how they might shape our tomorrow. But from time to time we draw inspiration from companies that are making old ideas work in a new, global economy. We spotted an interesting…


Information Design…Meet The Beatles

Science can enhance our experience of art- have you seen Avatar?- but it can also inform our understanding of it. For example, Information Design, pioneered by Edward Tufte and others in the 1970s and…