Rothbury Festival: mixing music and green thinking

www.rothburyfestival.comEver seen Michael Wadleigh’s famous film of Woodstock? It’s a dizzying, mesmerizing look at a game-changing cultural event, the massive, mud-soaked, drug-induced gathering of 32 bands and nearly 500,000 people in upstate NY in 1969. The festival was a defining moment for the 1960s counterculture- its swan song- but flash-forward 40 years, and what was considered counterculture (‘hippie activism’) is now, thankfully, firmly in the mainstream.

The Rothbury Festival, the new best music festival of the summer, is a reminder of that, with its identity as much about ‘green thinking‘ as its remarkable lineup (which includes Bob Dylan, The Dead, Willie Nelson, The Black Crowes, Martin Sexton, to name just a handful).

Tickets just went on sale for the festival. We’ll be doing a series of posts on Rothbury, it’s green ‘Think Tank,’ and the sponsors that are helping to make this a green ‘event’ and the one festival of the summer not to miss. 

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