Google Earth- putting our world into perspective

It’s amazing to think that Google has only been around since 1998. Where did we go to find answers before? Could Encyclopedia Britannica tell you what to do when your dog has a funny looking rash? Or help you find a recipe for bourbon balls? No. But, thanks to Messrs Brin and Page, all we have to do now is ‘google’ it.  And how many hours have you spent trying to zoom in on the satellite image of your house on Google Maps? Haven’t tried that? Liar!

Google recently unveiled the newest version of its awe-inspiring Google Earth app, a virtual globe, map and geographic information program that combines satellite imagery, aerial photography and computer generated imaging. This new version, Google Earth 5, includes in-depth ocean viewing, adding two-thirds of the earth’s surface data that had, in previous editions, been broad swaths of blue. Another impressive feature, Historical Imagery, provides the ability to scroll back through decades of satellite images and watch the spread of suburbia or erosion of coasts.

Google Earth is a remarkable learning tool, but it also provides unique context to how we view ourselves, quite literally putting our environment into perspective.

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