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is committed to developing products and ideas that enable a sustainable lifestyle. Our blog is a forum for ideas on simple change. On these pages, we’ll highlight innovative products, profile the efforts of difference makers and reflect upon the issues that will shape our tomorrow.

The name ‘Love Tomorrow Today’ reflects our philosophy that adaptable change, change that is both achievable and sustainable, happens one degree at a time and begins today. As we started exploring ways to develop products and ideas that enable a sustainable lifestyle, it became clear that there should be a forum for sharing our ideas and for shining a light on the ideas of others that have impressed and inspired us.

How do we make simple, realistic course corrections to our daily lives that will have a significant impact in the long term?

One of our ideas was to make a bag from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. Less than 1% of bags are recycled. Nearly a trillion bags are consumed worldwide each year. Roughly 45 billion PET plastic bottles and roughly 4 billion pounds of PET waste will end up in US landfills this year. Six 16 Oz. bottles are used to create one of our bags. Over the life of our bag, use it everywhere and save tens of thousands of plastic bottles and bags from ending up in landfills.

Check back as we roll out some of our other ideas and as we run across innovative people and products.

Simple change. It’s time. Love tomorrow TODAY.

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